True Love

There are many people who do search for true love. Because almost everyone in today’s world have face a break up in relationship. Everyone desire to have perfect relationship. 

There are many people we contact everyday through social media either a Facebook, an Instagram or any other forms.

There are also people who do want to chat with you. If you find the person very cute, handsome or interesting you may do the same. We create an environment to have some fun chat with them.

We start replying to their question. A smooth conversation starts. Here are few things you need to notice while they approach you.

Its very important to know if he or she just want to contact you because they have feeling of lust against you. Or if they really want to know you more and have good friendship with you.

People who really loves you would give all their time to you doesn’t matter what they do. They will just ping you up every now and than.

For example if a person is working and they are interested in you. They will keep messaging you to update about their doings and whereabouts. Like they may say hi just got out for a break show you online so ping you.

They would try to cross question you to get your attention and wait eagerly for your reply. Also they answer you so quickly.

They will try to give you every information to let you know their movement. Like my shift is just over, or I am on my way back home or something. This is because you’re important to them, they wanna let you know better about themselves.

Always try to know the behavior of their approach. Because you’re contacting with a stranger.

Just imagine if a person ping you hi over the messenger or an Instagram. They ping you after looking or viewing your profile. Instagram doesn’t allow viewing your profile if the user have a private account. But the same doesn’t happen on Facebook.

Facebook allow anyone to see your profiles and pics just because we don’t care much about our privacy and we don’t care to change setting in privacy.

The reason behind is Facebook has created a mentality upon everyone mostly teenagers, that Facebook is platform to contact people and make new friends.

So most people doesn’t care to set up a account for personal privacy. So things get open and people can easily see you pictures and the way you look. Than they start pinging you.

Way to know the intention of their approach

Well, coming back to the point. How would you know if the person who ping you hi over the social media account approach you for lust or for a love ?

Here, I meant to talk about those people who are new to you. You cannot say anything about them yet. They are just a strangers.

So its a short analysis about the people who are somehow interest on you and you are somehow interest to them.

There are factor behind this, you might have see something in them so you are chatting with them.

Because there many people who had fall in love with someone just because of a single pic you see about them.

Sign of Lust after meeting:

They totally focused on a person’s looks and body.

They are interested in having physical contact, but not in having conversations.

They may try to come closer to you and may try to ask for a kiss at least.

They rather keep the relationship on a fantasy level, not discuss real feelings.

You are lovers, but not friends.

Sign of Love after meeting:

They want to spend quality time together, other than just having sex.

They get lost in conversations and forget about the hours passing.

They want to honestly listen to each other’s feelings, make each other happy.

He or she motivates you to be a better person.

You want to meet his or her family and friends.

Since May 18, 2012, the year Facebook go public. This is when every relationship becomes complicated. Facebook was a fashion rather more than a social networking.

Most people came to know about a statement “Relationship is Complicated” from a Facebook itself.

Facebook was created to communicate with relatives who stay far away from home, to share ideas and knowledge.

But slowly it became a platform to fix a date. Not everyone does that but huge number of people do contact strangers through Facebook.

Sign if Lust and love. Find a difference in between.

I am not describing about your thinking. I am just trying to analyze someone’s approach towards you.

Its either through a social networking or any meetings of any occasion.

Lets imagine you’re friend with someone, a new person to your life. If he or she started chatting with you regularly. There few things you need to notice.

If a person have a fillings of lust with you, he or she would always try to talk something naughty. It’s usually the boys approaching girl’s first, its a universal truth.

If a person has negative feelings. They wanna test your behavior while you’re in conversation with them. 

They may comment you straight forward. Like you’re sexy, you’re hot, your lips look awesome and all.

The reason why I am saying this example is because its not possible for anyone to fall in love with a stranger. The person who approach you also consider you as a stranger.

Why would they fall in love with you all of sudden unless its a feelings of lust.  
On the other end if they are in love with you or if they have a good feelings towards their approach.

They wanna know more about you like where you’re from. What you do or wanna know more about your family and all.

A person with the positive approach with you may always care to get your attention. They may try their best way impressed you to get your attention. 

Moreover, they would care about you and may question few things about the last conversation you had. They remember because they care to know about you. They may ask your birthday your favorite colors or maybe your area of interest.

Looking into an example of a people who have feeling of lust against you. They be quick asking your personal phone number or maybe a Watts app number.

The people with a feeling of lust care less about yourself or they care less about your daily routine. They will try to make use of the time they gave you for knowing your behavior.

They will not take long to ask if you’re in relationship. They may even question you what kind relationship you prefer. Like there ways of relationships. Some meant for time pass, while some maybe a serious one.

The people with a feelings of lust would never question you if you’re pain or not. The reason is to know how interested you’re in the topic. They try their best to attract you with nonsense topics.

If they do notice you didn’t react into their questions they have asked. They may question you  if you’re free to meet them on weekends or more early maybe tomorrow.

The person who would approach you with positive feelings. They would never ask for your personal number or what’s app number that early. Because they wanna know you better.

They love to spend time with you and may try to express it indirectly. The people who loves you try to know your routine. They may keep trying themselves to be more clam and would try to know if they are annoyed or irritated you.

They may ask for forgiveness in between like I am sorry if disturbing you. They may question you how are you and may use caring words in connection with the conversation.

It’s not that difficult to analyze the approach of the people. Its just simple, the one who have feelings of lust with you may be quick enough trying to get personal or try fix a date to meet you.

The person who have fillings of love would never get to quickly into anything. Because they have good feeling’s towards their approach. They will try to spend as much time possible with you.

They would reply to your question very soon and try to be more specific about the topic. 
Its my personal point of view regarding the topic. Its all about my personal experience.

But it will more easier for you to understand and differentiate if you put the conversation of two individual together. 

You can easily find weather the approach is positive or negative. Because there are also a people who start liking you at the first sight. They will give their best to get your attention.

They will always put their efforts to get your attention, because they wish to talk with you. They wanna come closer to you. The effort they are putting on getting your attention could be applied on both cases weather a love or a lust.

Once you get in conversation with them always try to analyze how personal they wanna get with you. Try to understand what kind of topics they start their conversation.

If a person have a feelings of lust, why would they care about your daily routine. Why would they care if they been bothering or disturbing by their text.

Moreover if a person has a good feelings towards his or her approach. They would always care to send wishes like Good Morning, evening so on, so forth.

They would always leave a message even if they didn’t see you online. They wanna let you know how important you meant to them. There are small things which would always make a huge difference.

Try to find the difference in the conversation. Try to know what is the aim of their approach. Because who so ever we meet in life, we meet them you for a reason. Some may help you out on certain things some end up giving you some lessons. Both side are important. Its necessary to know the reason of approach.

The entire conversation would be much suitable for the person who is broken or trying to find a perfect match. Because you would not read this article if you’re happy with your partner.

I will try to be more brief and specific. I will also give some few clues on after meeting conversation.  Once you’re in touch with a stranger through social media.

So far we have discussed everything that may have happen while we had a conversation on text.

Lets try to see a difference between Love and Lust after meeting each other. Again this are all my personal point of view. This may be applicable to some and could be helpful.

Because you give your best to someone if you do not know this few things you end up in pain, betrayal always hurt.

People in today’s world are very greedy they look for their personal benefits first. You would find less people who care to listen to you.  Just assume you’re in pain and trying to share something they start their own topic don’t care what you exactly meant to say.

Do not let those people go from your life who do care about you and listen to what you are saying and answer according to the conversion.

You may simply say I am in pain they end up saying shall I come with you lets have good time together. This is indirectly a feelings of lust they show upon you. They wanna make use of you.

The person who help you coming out of any pain or try to help you to come out of any depression or try to make you happy and appreciate you are always a right person.

There are few people who would try to comfort you with their conversation. Most of them are available or speaks to you for their benefits.

Have you ever try sharing you pain with someone and try to analyze what they think about your pain most of them would say its alright. They may rather say its a part of life, rather understanding what exactly you’re going through.

Thank you for reading, I will continue on this.

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